EGEMED Soke Hospital is serving diagnoses, treatments and follow ups of all kinds lung diseases in our Pulmonolgy Department. Also breath and other tests are performing securly in order to diagnosed that originated difficulty in breathing. Diagnosing for alergic diseases, skin alergic tests also performed with Dermatology Department.

In Endoscopy Unit, bronchoscopy has been performing for early and certain diagnosis of Lung Cancer and other lung diseases. Sleep breathing disorders, hypertension, arrhythmic, coronary failure, sudden cardiac death, apoplexy (stroke), are the most importants. Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome is the most common among the others. Snoring, shortness of breath during the sleep, sleeplessness during the day, headache when wake up, attention-deficit-disorders, feel tired especially mornings are the most frequent symptom at initial diagnosis.Sleeping tests have been performing as a research in chest Disease Dept.

Smoking is threatening community health care, even if it is an evitable one. It directly has an effection on respiratory tract diseases also the lungs (chronic bronchitis, emphysema, chronic lung diseases) also causes lung cancers which has come first of all cancers that mortal.  Moreover especially it may causes on children lower respiratory diseases (pneumonia,bronchitis), growing worse for ashtma. Within these and similar occoured diseases, if it is occurred as an illness, our Department has been developing solutions as remedy. And we are improving ourselves for better service and treatments and work devotedly.